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Year: 2000
USA & UK: Icon
Cast: Mel Gibson, Milla Jovovich, Jimmy Smits, Jeremy Davies, Amanda Plummer, Peter Stormare, Gloria Stuart, Ezra Buzzington, Richard Edson, Phil Hawn, Susan Jordan, Tom Bower, Donal Logue, David Stifel, Bud Cort, Julian Sands, Harris Yulin, Charlayne Woodard
Director: Wim Wenders.
Countries: Germany / UK / USA
USA: 122 mins
UK: 121 mins
USA Rated: R for language and some sexual content
UK Certificate: 15 for frequent strong language and occasional moderate violence
USA Release Date: 2 February 2001(Limited Release - Los Angeles And New York)
UK Release Date: 28 April 2000


THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL. is a murder mystery starring Mel Gibson. It is a story of friendship, betrayal and the overwhelming power of unconditional love. A gang of unique outcasts and misfits live in a downtown Los Angeles fleapit, known locally as the "Million Dollar Hotel". Their story is seen through the eyes of a lovesick innocent named Tom Tom (Jeremy Davies), who has fallen head over heels for the tarnished street angel Eloise (Milla Jovovich). As their relationship develops, the Million Dollar Hotel becomes the focus of a police investigation: one of its residents, the engaging junkie Izzy, has come to a grisly end. To the amazement of his neighbours, he is revealed to have been the son of a billionaire media magnate. Every denizen of the Million Dollar Hotel falls under suspicion in the enquiry led by FBI hardliner, Detective Skinner (Mel Gibson). As Skinner's investigation proceeds, the lines between murder and suicide, sane and deranged, become very blurred indeed.

THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL has won an award at the Berlin Film Festival today. The jury gave a Silver Bear prize to Wim Wenders film. The movie, developed from Bono's ideas, had its world premiere at the festival and was the opening film. The movie also features music produced by Bono, including songs by Bono and U2.

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