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Year: 2005
UK: Metrodome Distribution
Cast: Robert Carlyle, Gillian Anderson, Tyrone McKenna, Ken Stott, Kevin Elliott, Richard Dormer, Sean McGinley, Bernard Manning, Simon Delaney, Gerry Doherty, John Travers, Alison Finnegan, Maureen Dow
Director: Pearce Elliot
Country: Ireland
UK: 88 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains strong language
UK Release Date: 26 August 2005


The story is set in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the present day. Life on the outskirts of the city is fairly grim for young Donal Tyrone McKenna). The main light in his life is his affinity with greyhounds.

Donal works after school for an unscrupulous greyhound owner, Good Joe (Ken Stott), who makes no secret of his cruelty towards the dogs that don't earn him instant rewards. However, Good Joe shows flashes of tenderness towards Donal, signs that he would like to pass on some of his experience to the boy.

Donal responds well as he is learning about things that really interest him, but he is suspicious that there are other secrets lurking in the shadowy vans and silent figures that flit through the yard. But he decides to put his doubts aside, and put his trust in Good Joe.

Meanwhile Donal's mother, Kate (Gillian Anderson), is tiring of the single life and wants to meet someone who will also be a father figure for Donal. At a funeral for the death of her brother, she shows her weariness at the events of the troubled past, but is surprised to see a figure from her past, O (Robert Carlyle). Meeting the mysterious man again disturbs her - he obviously has a past with her, but she resists his intrusion into her life. She is closely protective of Donal and doesn't want anything to upset the good relationship they have. But O isn't about to be brushed aside that easily...

Good Joe is threatening to destroy a promising greyhound which has just lost a race, until Donal (who persuaded him to buy the dog in the first place) convinces him to be merciful and let him train the animal. Good Joe agrees, but only on condition that Donal does extra work for him. If the dog wins three times, Good Joe says he can keep him. Donal names him after the title of his favourite comic hero, based on the legendary adventures of the Irish hero, Cuchulainn - The Mighty Celt.

But can Good Joe keep his side of their agreement or will he end up destroying Donal's trust in him? Also what other secrets is Good Joe hiding from Donal? And who is this man O who has suddenly come back into Donal's mother's life?

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