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Year: 2006
USA: Universal Studios
UK: Paramount Pictures UK
UK DVD: Universal Pictures
Cast: Robin Williams, Christopher Walken, Laura Linney, Jeff Goldblum, Lewis Black, David Alpay, Faith Daniels, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Doug Murray, Chris Matthews, James Carville, Rick Roberts, Karen Hines, Linda Kash, Dave Nichols, David Ferry, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Brandon Firla, Sasha Roiz, J C Kenny, Jef Mallory, Mark Andrada, Marcia Laskowski, Kim Roberts, George King, Sabrina Sanchez, Jacqueline Pillon, Zoe Mugford, Chris Gillett, Ho Oyster Chow, Mickey Sherman, Lee Taylor
Director: Barry Levinson
Country: USA
USA & UK: 115 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for language including some crude sexual references, drug related material, and brief violence
UK Certificate: 12A contains one use of strong language and moderate sex references
USA Release Date: 13 October 2006
UK Release Date: 2 November 2007 (Limited Release)
UK DVD Release Date: 28 April 2008


What would happen if one of the nation's funniest men became its leading one?

Satirist and comedian Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) made his career out of speaking his mind and upstaging politicians with his tough questioning on his very popular talk show. Cracking jokes about the fractured system he has a wild idea: why not run for president himself?

His flip comment sparks a massive response that puts him on the ballot and campaign trail. Astonishingly he wins - only to learn that a computer voting error gave him victory.

With the time ticking on the inaugural clock, Dobbs has a monumental decision to make: should he return to his mike or stay in the Oval Office?

In Man of the Year, popular talk show host Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) speaks the mind of an exasperated nation, aiming nightly zingers at politicians and their cronies. When Dobbs makes a joke about running for president, a grassroots movement sweeps him onto the ballot.

Soon Dobbs is skewering his opponents and winning huge laughs - but even he never dreamed that he would win the election! Hilarity ensues as Dobbs learns a computing error gave him victory, and as the inaugural clock ticks, he must decide whether he should return to his late night time slot or stay in the Oval Office.

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