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Year: 2003
UK: 1A Films/Festival Films
Cast: Alex Ferns, Tom Georgeson, Kenneth Cranham, James Cosmo, Jenny Foulds, Gerald Lepkowski, Ron Donachie, Cas Harkins, Tam White, Stewart Porter, Sarah Finch
Director: Norman Stone
Country: UK
UK: 114 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains drug use and strong violence
UK Release Date: 20 February 2004


MAN DANCIN' is a gangster movie with a difference. After nine years in a Northern Ireland jail Jimmy Kerrigan (Alex Ferns) returns to his family home in a tough Glaswegian estate. It's only been a few years but the Glasgow that he knew has changed, and more importantly to those who knew him, so has Jimmy Kerrigan. Some think he's gone soft, others suspect he's found religion, but they don't ask and he doesn't say.

His old crime boss, Donnie McGlone (James Cosmo) and corrupt policeman, Detective Inspector Walter Villers (Ken Cranham) are sure it's all an act. There are deep suspicions that Jimmy plans to set up in 'business' on his own. Their inner-city empire could be under serious threat. Something needs to be done.

As part of his parole Jimmy is press- ganged into a local Passion Play run by local priest, Father Gabriel Flynn (Tom Georgeson). Though very reluctant at first, Jimmy finally commits to the project and soon takes it in a new and radical direction. But heads start to turn when Jimmy stands up to one of McGlone's pimps and befriends Maria Gallagher (Jenny Foulds). Two of her fellow ex-prostitute friends seek refuge with Jimmy and his play. This act of defiance sparks a change of mood among other people on the estate. If Jimmy Kerrigan can stand up to McGlone why can't they?

The more defiantly Jimmy dodges the grasp of his old life and associates, the more serious their threat becomes. The villains recruit Jimmy's disillusioned brother, Terry (Cas Harkins) as a paid informer and the pressure is soon turned on. First the church hall is firebombed then Jimmy's friend, and musician in the play, is killed in suspicious circumstances. Suddenly the play begins to represent much more than Father Flynn had ever intended. Jimmy is a fighter and is prepared to battle to the end. The play will continue' even if it's out on the streets.

For McGlone and Villers the gloves are finally off. Jimmy must be stopped once and for all. Twist follows twist until the final showdown. But even then the story is not over. Lives are changed forever and the future still lies open in this surprising thriller that grabs the heart and won't let go.

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