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Year: 2005
UK: Pathe Distribution
Cast (voices of): Tom Baker, Jim Broadbent, Joanna Lumley, Ian McKellen, Kylie Minogue, Bill Nighy, Robbie Williams, Ray Winstone
Directors: Dave Borthwick; Jean Duval; Frank Passingham
Countries: UK / France
UK: 81 mins
UK Certificate: U contains mild fantasy violence and scary moments
UK Release Date: 11 February 2005


In the Enchanted Village, The Magic Roundabout lies in ruin, encased in ice. It is the work of the chillingly evil sorcerer Zeebad, whose dastardly mission is to enslave the earth and freeze it over forever. Ranged against the wicked magician are four of the unlikeliest heroes ever gathered together in an all-action adventure - Brian (a lovesick snail), Ermintrude (an opera-singing cow), Dylan (a spaced-out rabbit), and Dougal (a sugar-loving dog).

Only by capturing three magic diamonds can this bizarre but intrepid band reverse the onset of the permafrost that threatens their existence. So begins a desperate race against time over the bubbling lava of a fiery volcano, deep into the heart of a treacherous tropical temple, and across a vast icy wilderness and snow-capped peaks.

Can our four heroes prevail against seemingly unassailable odds? It will take teamwork, loyalty, fearlessness, cunning and guile to outwit their enemy and deliver the Enchanted Village from a frozen fate.

Forty years on from the original TV series, THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT combines edge-of-the-seat excitement with, characterful humour and gentle charm, in the hope that it will bewitch a whole new generation of children.

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