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Year: 2001
USA: Metro Goldwyn Mayer / United Artists
Cast: Jim Caviezel, Jake Lloyd, Mary McCormack, Brent Briscoe, Paul Dooley, Bruce Dern, Reed Diamond, Richard Lee Jackson, Kristina Anapau, James Andelin, Jason Callis, Mark Fauser, Christopher Francis, Jane Galloway, Damian Golden, Dominic Golden, Fritzi Jackson, Frank Knapp Jr, Corey Large, Brie Larson, Matt Letscher, Madison Lloyd, Peter Marmentini, Cody McMains, Byrne Piven, Chelcie Ross, William Shockley, Bob Tingle, Vincent Ventresca, John M. Watson Sr
Director: William Bindley
Country: USA
USA Rated: PG for some mild language and sports peril
USA Release Date: 22 April 2005 (Limited Release)


The independent feature film MADISON is a father/son action/drama based on the inspiring true story of the tiny, dying town of Madison, Indiana and its legendary, come-from-behind win in the 1971 race for the Gold Cup of hydroplane boat racing. In addition ot the thrills of 180 mph flat-bottomed boat racing, the picture captures the spirit of small town America and its turbulent struggle to transition from the 60s to the 70s.

In 1971, Jim McCormick (James Caviezel) has left the dangers of hydroplane flat racing behind in favor of a wife, a family and a job as the town's air conditioner repairman. But deep inside the dream of piloting the community-owned Miss Madison to victory in the Gold Cup, the sport's most celebrated race, lives on. Several years old and in constant disrepair, the boat has become the laughing stock of hydroplane racing and the town has no money to fix it. Madison's competitors on the circuit by comparison have rich corporate sponsorships, top-of-the-line equipment, round-the-clock maintenance and well paid crews.

When Madison, on a fluke, is offered the chance to host the prestigious Gold Cup championship, it's too much for McCormick to resist...

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