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Year: 2008
USA: DreamWorks SKG
UK: Paramount Pictures UK International
Cast (voices of): Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Cedric The Entertainer, Andy Richter, Bernie Mac, Sherri Shepherd, Alec Baldwin,, Elisa Gabrielli, Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights
Directors: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath
Country: USA
USA & UK: 90 mins
USA Rated: PG for some mild crude humor
UK Certificate: PG contains mild comic violence and threat
USA Release Date: 7 November 2008
UK Release Date: 5 December 2008
UK Release Date: 29/30 November 2008 (Limited Release)

Movie information:
Movie information:


In the highly-anticipated sequel to MADAGASCAR, the number one family comedy of 2005, Alex (Ben Stiller), Marty (Chris Rock), Melman (David Schwimmer), Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith), King Julien (Sacha Baron Cohen), Maurice (Cedric The Entertainer), the penguins (Tom McGrath, Christopher Knights, Chris Miller) and the chimps (Conrad Vernon) find themselves marooned on the distant shores of Madagascar.

In the face of this obstacle, the New Yorkers have hatched a plan so crazy it just might work. With military precision, the penguins have repaired an old crashed plane - well sort of. Once the first flight of Air Penguin is aloft, this unlikely crew stays airborne just long enough to make it to the wildest place of all—the vast plains of Africa, where the members of our New York City zoo-raised crew encounter species of their own kind for the very first time. Africa seems like a great place...but is it better than their Central Park home?

Also along for the rambunctious ride with the original cast is returning cast member Andy Richter, back again as sad-eyed mouse lemur Mort, along with new additions that include Bernie Mac as Alex's dad, Zuba, the alpha male of the pride; Sherri Shepherd as Alex's Mom, thrilled to have her long-lost son back home; Alec Baldwin as Makunga, who prides himself as the next alpha of the pride; and as ultra-stud hippo and watering hole lothario Moto Moto.

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