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Year: 2005
UK: Verve Pictures
Cast: Samina Awan, Thomas Hudson, Nichola Burley, Wasim Zakir, Ryan Leslie, Dean Andrews, Liam Boyle, Peter O'Connor, Mohammed Rafique, Miriam Ali
Director: Dominic Savage
Countries: UK / Ireland
UK: 86 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and violence
UK Release Date: 5 May 2006

UK Distributor
(production company)


A passionate story, LOVE + HATE tackles the conflicting emotions that explode when a white boy falls in love with a Muslim girl.

Naseema (Samina Awan) and Adam (Tom Hudson) are teenagers in an unspecific town in England. Naseema is a Muslim British Pakistani brought up under the careful supervision of her family, particularly her father (Mohammed Rafique), a taxi driver, and her older brother Yousif (Wasim Zakir), who works in the local factory. Adam is a local boy who hangs out with his elder brother Sean (Ryan Leslie) and their mates, avowed racists who get their kicks from victimising, what they call, 'Pakis'.

Meeting on Naseema's first day at work at a decorating centre, Adam seethes silently, refusing to talk to her. Naseema's other colleague, Michelle (Nichola Burley), is far more welcoming and liberal. Hanging out with the young men in their flash cars, she gets picked up by Yousif and they begin a covert relationship, hidden from both Naseema and Michelle's father Derek who works with Yousif.

Adam tries to persuade his boss to fire Naseema but despite his hostility, Michelle picks up on an underlying attraction between them. Adam eventually plucks up the courage to ask Naseema out, while Yousif and Michelle's secret relationship deepens.

Bound by conflicting loyalties to friends and family, the young lovers find themselves caught in the crossfire between faith and feeling, tradition and instinct, love and hate.

Uncompromising, trenchant and passionate, LOVE + HATE is the latest revealing look at contemporary Britain from rising filmmaker Dominic Savage and the soundtrack features Snow Patrol, Ian Brown, Keane.

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