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Year: 2012
USA: IFC Films
Cast: Peter Facinelli, Jaimie Alexander, Vincent Gallo, Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, Mary Anne Leone, Christy Romano, Joe Pantoliano
Director: Michael Corrente
Country: USA
USA: 88 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for some violence, sexual content and language
USA Release Date: 11 January 2012 (Limited Release)


"Love is not a crime."

Bobby (Peter Facinelli) makes his money slickly picking the pockets of wealthy New Yorkers. Most of his victims are unaware of his motives, until he is confronted by Lucy (Jamie Alexander). Their instant attraction to each other leads to a passionate one-night affair.

When Lucy discovers that she is pregnant, she decides to tell Bobby. This is a responsibility that Booby had never considered but it makes him question his choices in life thus far and re-evaluating his life, he decides he wants to take responsibility for his new child and even win over the girl to start over.

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