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Year: 2007
USA: Miramax Films
UK: Buena Vista International UK
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels, Matthew Goode, Isla Fisher, Scott Frank, Bruce McGill, Carla Gugino, Alberta Watson, Alex Borstein, Sergio Di Zio, David Huband, Laura Vandervoort, Greg Dunham, Janaya Stephens' Marc Devigne, Morgan Kelly, Aaron Berg, Tinsel Korey, Suzanne Kelly, Brian Roach, Martin Roach, Ofield Williams
Director: Scott Frank
Country: USA
USA: 98 mins
UK: 99 mins
USA Rated: R for language, some violence and sexual content
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and violence
USA Release Date: 30 March 2007
UK Release Date: 2 November 2007


High jinks behind the wheel devastate the future of promising high school hockey player Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Crashing one night while driving with his headlights turned off while out with his friends leaves Chris with a tragic head injury that causes severe memory loss. He copes by writing notes for himself and manages to hold down a job as a night cleaner at a bank.

Targeted by Gary Spargo (Matthew Goode) an unscrupulous bank robber and accomplice Luvlee (Isla Fisher) who befriend him, it eventually dawns on Chris that he has become involved in a organizing a heist. He realizes that he's the only one who might be able to stop it - but at what cost?

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