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Year: 2006
UK: Vertigo Films
Cast: Lorraine Stanley, Georgia Groome, Johnny Harris, Nathan Constance, Sam Spruell, Alexander Morton, David Keeling, Jamie Kenna, Chloe Bale, Jack Deam, Claudie Blakely, Tim Matthews, Louise Appel, Cat Meacher, Nick Ewans, James Beirman, Andy Lloyd, Su Douglas, David Barker, Paul Andrew Williams, Torq Pagdin, Yasmin Pannell, Marianna Maniatakis, Chiqui, Chris Carrick
Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Country: UK
UK: 90 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong language
UK Release Date: 1 December 2006 (Limited Release)


It is 3:07am and two girls burst into a run down toilet. Kelly (Lorraine Stanley, a 25 year-old street prostitute is dripping blood from her mouth and her left eye is beginning to swell. Her adrenalin subsides as she focuses on the other girl, Joanne (Georgia Groome). She is 11 years old and crying hysterically. She flinches as Kelly tries to wash the smeared lipstick and mascara from her face. Kelly leaves Joanne in a toilet cubicle to work the street and make some money in order for them to get the train to Brighton and safety.

Several hours earlier, Derek (Johnny Harris), Kelly's pimp, asks Kelly to find an underage girl for a very wealthy client called Duncan Allen (Alexander Morton) that Kelly has heard. Finding Joanne at Waterloo she sets the deal up with Derek after Joanne is offered £100 to sleep with a man she would never see again. Twenty minutes later Kelly is putting lipstick on Joanne in the back of a cab on the way to some posh house in Hampstead.

Back to the present, and Kelly picks Joanne up from the cubicle and drags her to Victoria station to get the first morning train to Brighton. In the hour of calm while dawn is breaking over the fast-moving countryside, the girls start to get to know each other.

Meanwhile, back in London, Duncan Allen lies in his bathroom bleeding to death. Duncan's cold and equally brutal son, Stuart (Sam Spruell), has found his father and wants answers. He has Derek, Kelly's pimp, cringing with fear in the back of his Range Rover. Stuart impresses on Derek that he needs to find Kelly or it will be him who pays. If he doesn't find the two girls by tonight he won't see tomorrow. Kelly and Joanne need to get through the next 24 hours alive...

LONDON TO BRIGHTON is the first feature film from Paul Andrew Williams.

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