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Year: 2002
UK: Winstone Film Distributors / Fluidity Films
Cast: Tom Harper, Paul Foster, Liam McMahon, Bennet Thorpe, Robin Edwards, Naomie Harris, Jade Ball
Director: John Miller
Country: UK
UK: 86 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and moderate sex references
UK Release Date: 7 June 2002 (Limited Release)


Posh (Tom Harper) is a fresher at Cabot University. He finds himself on the same corridor in Hope Hall as Liam (Liam McMahon), Harry (Robin Edwards), Animal (Bennet Thorpe) and Footsie (Paul Foster).

Liam is Irish, in love with Reena and wants to go home. Footsie is the quiet northerner thinking he's at university to work. He reads the FT more than is normal. Harry is a cockney who wishes he wasn't. Animal is a sports fanatic striving to prove himself to an over-competitive dad. And Posh is a public schoolboy who loves life but can't seem to love any one.

The film details the lads' first term at university. Posh wants to chase as many freshers as possible, hang out with a bunch of chinless public school wonders and not do very much with his life - until he knocks down Animal while driving Footsie to a party. At the hospital he meets Liam and Harry and an unlikely friendship begins.

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