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Year: 2000
USA: New Line Cinema
UK: Icon
Cast: Jonathan Lipnicki, Rollo Weeks, Richard E Grant, Jim Carter,Alice Krige, John Wood, Pamela Gidley, Tommy Hinkley, Anna Popplewell, Dean Cook, Elizabeth Berrington, Jake D'Arcy, Ed Stoppard
Director: Uli Edel
Countries: Netherlands / Germany / USA
UK: 95 mins
USA Rated: PG for some mild peril
UK Certificate: U with scenes of mild, scary horror
USA Release Date: 27 October 2000
UK Release Date: 20 October 2000


Every night, since his family moved from San Diego to Scotland, little Tony Thompson (Jonathan Lipnicki) dreams the same dream. A full moon hangs in the distance, bathing a lush green cliff with beams of magical light. An enclave of vampires gather, waiting for the arrival of a comet. As the comet hurls across the sky, to align with the Moon, the head vampire raises his hand. Clutching an ancient golden amulet, he begins an incantation. Suddenly, a vampire hunter, hell-bent on capturing and destroying the creatures, rushes forward, knocking the jewelled piece from his grasp into sea below. The head vampire leaps over the cliff to retrieve the amulet, only to fall down, down, down into little Tony's bed.

Life is tough for 9 year old Tony, new country, new school, no friends, bullied by other kids and unable to sleep so he emulates the only beings that visit him every night - vampires. Tony plays in his room while his parents are out, sporting fangs and a cape. Then curiously a bat flies in the window and transforms into a nine year old Vampire, Rudolph (Rollo Weeks), who has mistaken Tony for one of his kind, is in a weakened state. Lack of food and being chased by the villainous vampire hunter, Rookery (Jim Carter), has taken its toll on the littlest of vampires. Tony saves Rudolph's life and ends up spending the night in Tony's toy chest that serves as sanctuary against the powerful rays of the sun and the terrifying Rookery. Finally, Tony has a real friend.

Rudolph tells Tony that his nightly dream is true. Every 300 years a comet aligns with the moon. If the vampires can assemble, hold the jewelled amulet to the sky, and repeat the magic spell, legend states that they will find peace and become humans again. But their eternal wish seems for naught. They possess only a portion of the amulet and the comet is due to align with the moon the next night! With the power of true love and friendship as his only weapons, Tony races against time to defeat the vampire slayer and to help the little vampire become human again!

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