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Year: 2005
UK: Warner Bros International UK
Cast: Maximilian Artajo, Celine Vogt, Leander Wolf, Anke Engelke, Dirk Bach, Joy Gruttmann, Atze Schröder, Oliver Kalkofe, Bastian Pastewka, Ralf Schmitz, Mirco Nontschew, Eva Mattes, Adak Azdasht, Lisa Mitsching, Ingolf Luck, Max von der Groeben, Brit Gulland, Simon Gosejohann, Alexander Duszat, Tetje Mierendorf, Birgit Lechtermann, Lisann Lechtermann, Harry Rowohlt, Roberto Capitoni, Johann König, Thomas Hackenberg, Michael Koslar, Ben Bishop, Mijail Verona
Directors: Maya Gräfin Rothkirch, Piet De Rycker
Country: Germany
UK: 81 mins
UK Certificate: U contains very mild language and peril
UK Release Date: 10 February 2006


The North Pole: Lars and his friends are having fun exploring a huge icy fish skeleton, but penguin Caruso doesn't want to join in. Every full moon he gets homesick, longing for the South Pole, and he sings himself to sleep. Older polar bears Brutus, Bert and Boris have had enough of his singing, so while Caruso is sleeping they drag him to the train station and trap him on a southbound train. Greta alerts Lars and Robby who arrive just in time and jump onto the leaving train - and Brutus slams the door shut behind them, trapping them on the train as it sets off. The train eventually arrives at its destination, and in their attempt to get back home, Lars, Robby and Caruso board a ship - but end up being swept overboard.

The friends get separated and are washed ashore on the mysterious island of the Galapagos, a natural paradise untouched by man, a sanctuary for animals living in harmony and peace. Chucho, an eleven-year-old boy, lives with his mother in the scientific outpost Darwin Station. He is very surprised to find a little polar bear on the island. With his submarine camera he follows Lars deep underwater into the sea. Lars finds a huge prehistoric fish which has been trapped in a cave. Chucho secretly takes some pictures and publishes them on the internet.

The scientists working in the North Pole outpost read Chucho's news. They are excited about the sensational discovery of the living specimen of a fossil that Chucho has documented.

On the mysterious island Caruso meets little penguin girl Maria and he soon forgets all about being homesick. Meanwhile the scientists arrive on a plane. They have four stowaways on board: Greta who has recognized Lars next to the huge fish on the internet images, but also Brutus, Bert and Boris who want to eat the fish. Chucho is very proud that his discovery made the scientists hurry to his island. The scientists don diving gear and check on the boy's discovery. They plan to catch the fish in a net and explore him. Lars, Greta and the other animals launch a rescue mission, eventually freeing the huge fish. Lars shows him the way to the deep ocean where he will enjoy his new-found freedom.

Meanwhile, a volcano is rumbling and threatens both the island and hundreds of turtles eggs buried under the sand. Caruso, helped by his new exotic friends, manages to save the day. Now all the friends have to do is somehow find their way back to the North Pole!

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