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Year: 2004
USA: IDP Distribution
Cast: Vahina Giocante, Mohammed Khouas, Karim Ben Haddou, Edmonde Franchi, Lotfi Chakri, Hamid Dkhissi, Carmen Lebbos, Stephanie Fatout, Ghandi Assad, Barbara Chossis, Dominque Bluzet, Bruno Esposito
Director: Ziad Doueiri
Country: France
Language: French (English subtitles)
USA: 89 mins
USA Release Date: 24 June 2005 (Limited Release)


He has never talked to anyone about "it".
She has never found anyone she wants to talk about "it" with.
All she thinks about is him; and that she must talk about "it" with him if she wants his love.
She's 16; he's 19.
— Lila Dit Ca

Based on the best-selling and highly controversial French novel of the same name, LILA SAYS (LILA DIT CA) is an incredibly seductive story of sexual awakening.

The story explores an Arabic 19 year-old aspiring writer named Chimo (Mohammed Khouas) who falls for Lila (Vahina Giocante), the sexually forthright and stunning French girl who moves into the Parisian ghetto he grew up in. With her torrid glances and explicit fantasies, Lila engages Chimo in a game of sexual discovery that walks a fine line between innocence and danger.

With the striking performance of newcomer Vahina Giocante as the promiscuous young girl, LILA SAYS is an unbelievably sexy and unexpectedly shocking film, showing a side of innocence and sexuality rarely depicted on the screen.

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