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Year: 1999
UK: Feature Film Company
Cast: James Purefoy, Rachel Shelley, Don Warrington, Christopher Adamson, Bob Goody, Pat Kelman, Chris Dunne, Paul Brooke, Norman Mitchell, Jason Round
Director: Simon Hunter
Country: UK
UK: 95 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong, bloody violence and language
UK Release Date: 19 July 2002 (Double bill with THE EVIL DEAD)


A disparate group of prisoners are being transported by ship to a remote island prison. Among them is mass killer Leo Rook who audaciously escapes during a fierce storm and flees to a lighthouse on an isolated rocky outcrop. When the ship hits rocks and sinks, a bedraggled bunch of survivors struggles ashore to the apparently deserted lighthouse.

Only when they discover the decapitated corpses of the lighthouse keepers do they realise, with mounting horror, that the psychopathic Rook is at large, and hunting them. One by one the death toll mounts as the terrified party desperately attempts to stay alive until daybreak.

LIGHTHOUSE is a dark, claustrophobic throwback to the classic stalk-and-slash horrors of the 1980s, combining visceral thrills and genuine chills with a unique, creepy location.

Set in a world of freezing seas and stormy dark skies, first time writer-director Simon Hunter puts some strong characters together and lets them cope with terrifying challenges. The lighthouse, a symbol of safety and security and of man's ability to control the environment, becomes the most dangerous place in the world.

Trapped in this dark brooding nightmare are James Purefoy (BEDROOMS & HALLWAYS, WOMEN TALKING DIRTY) as Richard Spader and Rachel Shelley (PHOTOGRAPHING FARIES, EVERYBODY LOVES SUNSHINE) as Kirsty McCloud. Chris Adamson (JUDGE DREDD, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, CUTTHROAT ISLAND) incarnates the memorable psychopath Leo Rook.

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