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Year: 2003
UK: Tartan Films
Cast: Kevin Howarth, Mark Stevenson, Antonia Beamish, Christabel Muir, Jonathan Coote, Rita Davies, Joe Morley, Jamie Langthorne, John Berlyne, Mandy Gordon, Jim Bywater, Chris Adamson, Lisa Renee, Brian Bowles, John MacCrossan, Megan Whelan, Phillip Chapman, Alexandra Hill, Melanie Smith, Nicola Greene, Simon Sherlock, Julie Mayhew, Gary Richards, Linda Regan, Lynn Radnedge, Stephen Dibben, Lena Oldrich, Karl Warwick, Henry Douthwaite, Gemma Morsley, Laura McNaught, Norman Mann, Tamara Ustinov, Arthur Egmore, Edna Egmore, Derek Wright, Rosana Coutinho, Julian Richards, Craig McCall, Mike Tims, Alex Ratcliffe, Jason Flavien, Paul Conway, Miranda French, Elif Tarakci, Teri Levett, Duncan Holmes, Tara Lester, Lisa Rose, Ranjit Krishnamma, Pierre Maubouche, Phillip Rosch, Sabine, Catherine St John Smith, David Redgrave, Mark Lambourne, Harry Grint, Brook Griffith, Simon Anderson, Emma Powell, Eduardo Garay Martinez, Drummond Bowskill, Nick Meakins, Manfred Gluska, Tom Bird, Ilona Medvedeva, Imran Sanusi
Director: Julian Richards
Country: UK
UK: 80 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody violence
UK Release Date: 13 May 2005 (Limited Release - London)


Max Parry (Kevin Howarth) wants to kill you. No, it's not that you've done anything to deserve it, he's simply trying to make a point. By day a wedding photographer, Max uses his video camera to moonlight as a serial killer and with the aid of an itinerant assistant (Mark Stevenson) he documents his work in the form of a snuff video diary. Max grows increasingly determined to direct an intelligent film about murder, but bloodies the line between fiction and reality by actually snuffing out the victims himself. Max is a disturbingly charismatic assassin who confronts his audience with an intense exploration of the mind of a homicidal maniac as well as the culpability involved in viewing violence as entertainment. When he senses distaste at the realism of his brutality, he poses the obvious question 'Why are you still watching?" The answer is simple enough, you know you shouldn't be and that's exactly why you are.

Shot over three weeks in June 2002 on location in and around London, director Julian Richards' fiercely independent, internationally acclaimed feature, THE LAST HORROR MOVIE is a full blooded portrait of urban atrocity which takes the psycho killer film to its very limits. Based on an original idea by Richards and adapted to screenplay by philosophy academic James Handel, THE LAST HORROR MOVIE was produced on digital video for a micro-budget (under $100,000) by new UK independent production company Prolific Films.

The realistic nature of the film required a cast of unknowns, resulting in the discovery of a major acting talent in Kevin Howarth, who plays serial killer Max Parry. Other impressive debuts include Mark Stevenson as Max's assistant, Antonia Beamish as his girlfriend Petra, John Berlyne as his best friend Phil, Christabel Muir as his sister Sam, Jonathan Coote as his brother-in-law John, Jim Bywater as bar fly Bill Mullin, Rita Davies as grandma and nine year-old Joe Morley as nephew Ben.

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