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Year: 2005
USA: Romar Entertainment
Cast: Billy Zane, Karel Roden, Michael Madsen, Alexander Skarsgård, Sean Pertwee, Laurence Fox, Neil Newbon, Tommy Flanagan, Nick Moran, Rafe Spall, Steven Spiers, David Ginola, Andrew Howard, Coral Beed, Lucy Gaskell, Neil Jackson, Jack Dee, Anton Rodgers, Louis Dempsey, Agathe De La Boulaye, Dave Evans Lauretta Lewis Aoife Madden, Andre Schneider
Director: Colin Teague
Country: UK
USA Release Date: 30 September 2005 (Limited Release)


September 1944. In a daring attempt to end the war by Christmas, the British High Command hatch an extraordinary plan - Operation Market Garden - 35,000 allied troops dropped by air into German occupied Holland.

In the midst of the largest airborne invasion in history, one small unit of men, codename 'Matchbox', has its own hidden agenda. While the rest of the British soldiers operate on a strictly need-to-know basis, the seemingly innocuous Corporal Powell - in reality an undercover intelligence officer - has been given a secret objective.

The true target - sanctioned by no less a figure than Winston Churchill himself - is a vast horde of Dutch gold and art treasures, plundered by the Nazis and stored behind an impregnable bobby-trapped safe, imminently bound for Berlin.

Powell and his men must evade the might of the German counter-attack at Arnhem, locate, secure and retrieve the stolen loot, and find safe passage back to British soil. This near-impossible heist all takes place from beneath the nose of Kessler and his crack team of Storm troopers.

KELLY'S HERO'S meets OCEANS ELEVEN - THE LAST DROP is a daring heist that takes place during a war - it doesn't get more dangerous than that...

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