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Year: 2001
USA: Lions Gate Films
UK: Winchester Film Distribution
Cast: Anthony LaPaglia, Geoffrey Rush, Barbara Hershey, Kerry Armstrong, Rachael Blake, Vince Colosimo, Daniella Farinacci, Peter Phelps, Leah Purcell, Glenn Robbins, Russell Dykstra, Nicholas Cooper, Marc Dwyer, Keira Wingate
Director: Ray Lawrence
Countries: Australia / Germany
USA & UK: 121 mins
USA Rated: R for language and sexuality
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and moderate sex
USA Release Date: 14 December 2001 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and New York)
UK Release Date: 16 August 2002


A woman disappears. Four marriages are drawn into a tangled web of love, deceit, sex and death. Not all of them will survive. LANTANA is an intriguing psychological drama about love, infidelity and mistrust. It's about the mistakes we make, the consequences we suffer and the attempts we make to fix things up.

Detective Leon Zat (Anthony LaPaglia) moves through a dark labyrinth of human relationships on his journey to solve the mystery of a woman's disappearance. He strips away layer after layer to reveal the tender and dark underbelly of this perplexing obsession between men and women called love. And each layer causes him to reflect back on his own marriage, on what he has lost and what he must get back.

A mystery for adults, from the director of BLISS, and the producer of THE PIANO.

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