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Year: 2003
UK: Mandrake Media
Cast: Michael Chow, Joyce Thi Brew, Colman Domingo, Darryl Fong, Karena Davis, Wallace Choy, Fred Salvallon, Robert Wu, Stuart W Yee, Karl-Heinz Teuber, Wendy Bohan, John Shin, Jones Allen Chan, Zepplin Wong, Larry Ching, Aaron Wong, Sophia Oda, Mark Punzal, Todd Senofonte, Ralph Peduto, Shannon Orrock, Pat Hallberg, Wayne Mathias, John Lucasey, Patrick Lin, Eddie Tang, Derek Yee, Phu Vo, Ray Lee, Michael Song, Lucy Woo
Director: Darryl Fong
Country: USA
UK: 87 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate comic violence
UK Release Date: 24 October 2003
UK Distributor


KUNG PHOOEY is a family film with crossover adult appeal. Modelled very much on films like AIRPLANE, KUNG PHOOEY! is a brilliant spoof on just about every Kung Fu film ever made from the 'klasshopper' wisdom of the original TV series to the tree walking of CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON.

The story begins with Art Chew (Michael Chow), an orphan schooled in the ancient art of Kung-Phooey by the Chinese priests (Master Kee, Master Lock, and Master Card) at Shur-Li Temple. His rigorous training includes: snatching pebbles, memorizing fortune cookie inserts, yukka plant walking, and finally, becoming a bonafide Shur-Li priest by bearing the respected scars of the ancient "happy face" on his forearms.

Art's wild adventures and mishaps begin when he arrives in America on his quest for the magical Ancient Peach. Stolen years ago, the Ancient Peach holds the secret to eternal youth and it must be found and returned to its native soil in the year of the snake or the temple will perish. He encounters a crazy cast of characters: the stereotypical Uncle Wong (Wallace Choy), who runs a stereotypical restaurant with his two nephews, Waymon (Darryl Fong) and Leroy (Roy Lee). While Waymon denies his Chinese heritage, the dyslexic Leroy is convinced he is Chinese and a reincarnation of the late Bruce Lee. This ragtag group of heroes teems with the beautiful Sue Shee (Karena Davis), who leads them to the evil Helen Hu's (Joyce Thi Brew) night-club where the ancient Peach is hidden. Art must out-fight and outwit Helen's army of fighting waiters, her enormous bodyguard, One Ton, and her two bumbling henchmen, Lo Fat and Non Fat. It's a race against time, as Helen discovers the Peach and plans to replicate its special powers in a "fountain of youth" soft drink.

Stereotypes beware - the wimpy, non-confrontational Asian is a thing of the past. The first action comedy from an Asian-American point-of-view. It's action, it's laughs, it's a whole lotta KUNG PHOOEY!

The film recently won the Gold Special Jury Feature Film Remi Award for Comedy at the Worldfest Houston.

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