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Year: 2008
USA: Indican Pictures
Cast: Tyson Beckford, Lynn Whitfield, Glynn Turman, Reginald T Dorsey, Linara Washington, James Russo, Bruce McGill, Steven Williams, Lou Myers, Willard E Pugh, Tariq Alexander, David Blackwell, Tony Bottorff, Tish Brandt, Jana Camp, Terrence Flack, Pablo D Flores, John Hambrick, Clyde Jones, Tommy G Kendrick, Katina Latrell, Lauren Lee, Ryan Lee, Connie Maynord, Justin Malloy, Garry Peters
Director: Andrew P Jones
Country: USA
USA: 99 mins
USA Rated: PG for thematic elements, language throughout, some violence and smoking
USA Release Date: 11 June 2010 (Limited Release)


Ex-con Homer Hobbs (Tyson Beckford) returns home to a bleak urban town during the depths of the Great Depression and discovers that life on the outside is crueller than the backbreaking injustice of a chain gang. Given the difficult times and dire straits most people are in he has no prospects of a job and no hope of improving his lot in life.

Homer is drawn to four strangers: Benny, the street hustler; the suicidal Clarence; Gracie, the despairing owner of a boarding house; and Lucy, who conceals a mysterious past. Sunday nights are the highlight of their grim week, when in a dingy hall, the men in the neighborhood don their finest attire to compete in an unusual fashion contest. The big winner will go home with the $5 dollar prize and feel like a king, and forget the misery of the Depression just for an evening.

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