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Year: 2008
USA DVD: First Look International
UK DVD: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Steven Seagal, Holly Dignard, Chris Thomas King, Michael Filipowich, Isaac Hayes, Mark Collie, Karyn Michelle Baltzer, Philip Granger
Director: Jeff King
Country: USA, Canada
USA: 96 mins
UK: 92 mins
USA Rated: R for strong brutal violence, language and some nudity
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong violence
USA DVD Release Date: 7 October 2008
UK DVD Release Date: 23 February 2009


Actor, musician, martial artist and philanthropist, Steven Seagal is a legend in his own lifetime

The penultimate film for Academy Award winner Isaac Hayes (Shaft, South Park), Kill Switch also stars Holly Dignard (Flash Gordon, Stargate Atlantis/SG1).

Filled with a passion for fast-paced fight scenes and hard-edged characters, Kill Switch takes you into the dark, depraved Memphis underworld of street sex and senseless violence.

Detective Jacob Stillwell (Steven Seagal) is one of the most celebrated homicide detectives in the country. His brutal delivery of street justice is legendary among the men and women of law enforcement.

But on this latest case, he may have finally met his match - Lazerus, a cunning and perversely violent killer who is on the loose and terrorizing the inner city.

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