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Year: 2009
UK: New Wave Films
Cast: Kerrie Hayes, Nichola Burley, Jamie Doyle
Director: Lindy Haymann
Country: UK
UK: 84 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, sex and injury detail
UK Release Date: 4 June 2010 (Limited Release)


Nicole (Kerrie Hayes) has little family life as her mum works nights and her father is now living elsewhere with his new family. Consequently she can be found hanging around outside her favourite Liverpool football club's gate longing for a chance of her idol, star midfielder Lee Cassidy (Jamie Doyle).

It's here that she meets up with Jasmine (Nichola Burley) who though from a privileged background is another ardent fan of Lee Cassidy. Frustrated at their attempts to glimpse Cassidy, they team up to visit every city nightclub fantasising about a chance encounter with their idol.

But their bubble is about to burst when news breaks of Cassidy's possible transfer to Real Madrid and they decide to take any means necessary to prevent that from happening.

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