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Year: 2006
USA: Reel Source
Cast: Mayim Bialik, Josie Davis, Joanna Clare Scott, Claire Bloom, Chita Rivera, Renee Taylor, Michael Boatman, Dee Wallace Stone, Joanne Baron, Anne DeSalvo, Bryce Lenon, Steven Roy, Nathan Anderson, Larry Sullivan, Jennifer Willison, Ted Raimi, John Pecora, Alice Manning, Mary-Margaret Lewis, Suzanne Parish, David Monhan, Michael McClendon, Jill Moton, Jeffrey Patterson, Michael Ryan Way, Nicholas Pangborn, Gabriel Bologna, Courteney J Brown, Mike McKelly, Christopher M Cheaney, Frederick Garcia, Anna Kristin McKown, Dana E Kowalski
Director: David P O'Malley
Country: USA
USA Release Date: 7 April 2006 (Limited Release - MI)


Three women return home for their ten-year high school reunion to discover that a time capsule made on graduation night, predicting where everyone would be in ten years' time, is due to be opened and read aloud at the impending event.

Horrified at the thought of their unfulfilled goals being revealed, they embark on a 'search and destroy' mission to get their hands on the capsule and chaos ensues! Meanwhile, the spirits of their three deceased grandmothers come down to help guide the gals through this transitional point in their lives.

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