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Year: 1999
USA: Cowboy Booking International
Cast: Joelle Carter, Jennifer Esposito, Lane Janger, David Lee Russek, Guillermo Diaz, Vincent Laresca, Domenick Lombardozzi, Pat Moya
Director: Lane Janger
Country: USA
USA: 111 mins
USA Release Date: 20 October 2000 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and New York)


Anthony (Lane Janger) is a firefighter engaged to the woman of his dreams, straight laced lawyer, Amy (Joelle Carter). There's just one problem, he can't help fantasising about his beloved Amy with another woman. Seeking to satisfy Anthony's overriding preoccupation prior to their Catholic wedding, Amy devises a deal to douse his burning desire.

When Amy innocently asks if Anthony would reciprocate the fantasy for her, an eager Anthony accepts the deal hoping she will live out his fantasy just one time. Enter Victor (Guillermo Diaz), the gay neighbor who makes no secret of his attraction to Anthony.

Seeking advice from his best friend, Dom (David Lee Russek), Anthony must devise a way to get around having sex with Victor and still appear to uphold his end of the bargain with Amy. Meanwhile, Amy seeks to satisfy her own curiosity with Michelle (Jennifer Esposito), a charming, lesbian furniture restorer.

As the wedding date looms near, things spin out of control and it becomes unclear whether or not Amy and Anthony's relationship can endure the fantasy. JUST ONE TIME lays out the comical consequences of what happens when a young couple attempts to turn fantasy into reality.

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