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Year: 2008
UK: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Christophe Minie, Daisy Victoria Vandy
Director: Jean-Stephane Sauvaire
Countries: France / Liberia / Belgium
UK: 97 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong violence, sexual violence, sex and frequent strong language
UK Release Date: 23 October 2009 (Limited Release - London, West End)


Today. Contemporary Africa.

Johnny (Christophe Minie), 15, is a child soldier, angry, armed to the hilt and possessed by the ferocity of the mad dog he dreams of becoming. With his small unit of commandos - No Good Advice, Small Devil, Young Major - he robs, pillages, and slays everything in his path.

Laokole (Daisy Victoria Vandy), 16, is a student in the capital city, caring for her disabled father and little brother, Fofo, and working to flee her war ravaged country.

As Johnny advances on the capital, Laokole must flee to save her life.

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