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Year: 2003
USA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / United Artists
UK: Pathe Distribution
Cast: Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck, Travis Schiffner, Eric Nenninger, Garikayi "G K" Mutambirwa, Nicki Aycox, Drew Tyler Bell, Billy Aaron Brown, Kasan Butcher, Lena Cardwell, Marieh Delfino, Josh Hammond, Travis Schiffner, Al Santos, Diane Delano, Thom Gossom, Jr, Tom Tarantini, Luke Edwards, Sean Fleming, Jon Powell, Justin Long
Director: Victor Salva
Countries: USA / Netherlands
USA & UK: 104 mins
USA Rated: R for horror violence and language
UK Certificate: 15 Contains strong language and horror
USA Release Date: 29 August 2003
UK Release Date: 29 August 2003


Every 23rd spring for 23 days, it gets to eat...

It is now the 22nd day in The Creeper's bizarre and ritualistic feeding for body parts. The ancient flesh-eating creature has one last day to feast before it disappears again, lying in wait for its next feeding season.

Taggart (Ray Wise) and his sons are working in his cornfields when the winged beast snatches the younger son, carrying him off in its talons to an unthinkably terrifying fate. Shocked into a grizzly state, Taggart and his remaining son grimly begin assembling various pieces of farm equipment, loading up the truck in silence, preparing for an impossible showdown. They listen to the shortwave radio for anything to indicate the creature's whereabouts.

Its now the 23rd day - On a deserted highway in the area, a school bus carries a varsity basketball team and its cheerleaders and coaches back from a triumphant state championship game. When the bus breaks down on a lonely stretch of road, the thrill of victory is quickly replaced with a sense of foreboding. Reports of the unspeakable horrors found in the newly discovered lair of The Creeper are trickling in on the radio. There is no help in sight, their cell phones are out of range, and their calls for assistance on the two-way radio are met with silence.

As the sun sets, The Creeper descends on the bus, taking the bus driver and the coaches as its first victims. The terrified teenagers are now left to their own devices to try to outsmart a predator whose appetite is as insatiable as it is horrific. One by one, The Creature picks off the athletes, sniffing out his next victim. The teens are now presented with a vicious dilemma: Should they stay on the bus together or should they desert those marked for death and make a run for it?

Finally, a response on the radio. It's Taggart. Consumed with revenge, he has been tracking The Creeper on its rampage, and he is on his way. But will he be any match for the unearthly beast who took his youngest son?

The follow up to the 2001 breakout box office hit, JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 is written and directed by Victor Salva (POWDER, RITES OF PASSAGE). Jonathan Breck returns to his original role as The Creeper, alongside new cast member Ray Wise (best known for his role as Leland Palmer in TWIN PEAKS, RISING SUN, DEAD END) as Taggart.


Feature running time: 95 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: English Hard of Hearing
Original Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sound Quality: English 5.1
DVD Special Features:
Cast and Crew Commentary
Creeper Commentary
Deleted Scenes
Making Jeepers Creepers 2
A Day In Hell - Full Day Set Visit
Creeper Composer
Creeper Creation - Makeup
Digital Effects Featurette
TV Spots
The Creeper's Lair Storyboards
Photo Gallery

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