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Year: 2005
UK: Miracle Communications
Cast: Jason Merrells, Denise Welch, Mairead Carty, Andrew Dunn, Pamela Cundell, Marcia Warren, William Ilkley, Judy Flynn, Roy Walker, Eric Potts, Robert Duncan, Michael Redfern, Tony Barton, Chloe Newsome, Rob Parry, Pia Gabriele, Rosy Clayton, Andrew Grose, Rebecca Manley, Alice Campbell, Edward Woodcock
Director: Steven Woodcock
Country: UK
UK: 95 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate sex and language
UK Release Date: 9 September 2005
(UK production company)


An industrial town in Yorkshire during the mid-1960s.

Vincent Dungarven's mother wants him to be a Roman Catholic priest and he half thinks that he has the vocation. Vincent (Jason Merrells) is a reserved young man, a schoolmaster, and at thirty has never been in love.

One day he visits the local library and encounters Laura (Mairead Carty), a new librarian. Fascinated by her beauty and charm, he overcomes his shyness and asks her out. She accepts and soon he falls passionately in love with her, for although she is a Protestant - which creates tensions for Vincent at home - she is everything he has longed for but never found.

Vincent continues to see Laura and at a wedding she is introduced to his mother; but during a talk with Paul at the reception afterwards, he realizes that all is not what it seems, and the rest of his family has been talking behind his back.

Soon afterwards Vincent encounters Laura's eccentric flat mate Ruth (Judy Flynn), who makes a devastating revelation about Laura's personal life that shatters everything for him. Now, in a moment of terrible weakness, he commits the ultimate sin.

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