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Year: 2006
USA: IFC Films
Cast: Bonnie Hunt, Jeff Garlin, Sarah Silverman, Elle Fanning, Gina Gershon, Roger Bart, Aaron Carter, Dan Castellaneta, Steve Dahl, Amy Sedaris, Richard Kind, Rebecca Sage Allen, B Johnson, Tim Kazurinsky ... Bill Bjango, Mina Kolb, Wallace Langham, Henriette Mantel, Paul Mazursky, Rana McAnear, David Pasquesi, Jessy Schram, Joey Slotnick, Phyllis Smith, David Hoke, Rose Abdoo, Scott Adsit, Larry Neumann Jr
Director: Jeff Garlin
Country: USA
USA: 80 mins
USA Release Date:
US Distributor


Jeff Garlin wrote, directed and stars in this unconventional romantic comedy about an overweight, underappreciated Chicago actor in search of a soul mate.

Comedian James (Jeff Garlin) is 39 years old but still lives with his mother. The three most important things in life for him are someone to love him, to have a great part and thirdly to lose weight but all seem unachievable and difficult to hold on to when he does get them.

And things seem to go in threes... So when his girlfriend dumps him, he then loses the lead role in a remake of Paddy Chayefsky's Marty. Then his insecurities rear their ugly head and he gorges himself on ice cream after quitting an obsessive-overeaters meeting.

While there he meets Beth (Sarah Silverman) who quickly wins him over when she offers him free ice cream. But his attraction to her may bring James more problems than it solves.

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