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Year: 2002
USA: IFC Films
Cast: Janet McTeer, Olympia Dukakis, Brenda Fricker, Tony Maudsley, JJ Field, David Bradley, Philip Jackson, Robert Pugh, John Matthew Lau, Thomas Goh, Michael J. Langgi
Director: Kristian Levring
Countries: UK / Denmark
USA: 110 mins
USA Release Date: 25 June 2004 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and New York)


In 1924, Sarah Morris (Janet McTeer) and Hamish Winslow (JJ Feild) travel from England deep into the jungle to earn their fortune surveying an ivory trading post. Instead of an exotic retreat, the couple encounters an oppressively small community. Despite their best intentions, their presence in the jungle unleashes a downward spiral that ends in greed, murder and madness.

Danish director Kristian Levring uses digital video as a means to achieving an intimacy with his actors. The result is an intimate, gripping look at well-meaning people who get hopelessly, dreadfully lost in their pursuit of happiness.

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