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Year: 1964
UK: Independent Cinema Office (2006)
UK: NFT (2002)
Cast: Sergio Corrieri, Salvador Wood, Jose Gallardo, Raúl Garcia, Luz Maria Collazo, Jean Bouise, Alberto Morgan, Celia Rodriguez, Fausto Mirabal, Roberto Garcia York, Maria de las Mercedes Diez, Barbara Dominguez, Jesús del Monte, Luisa Maria Jimenez, Mario Gonzalez Broche
Director: Mikheil Kalatozishvili
Countries: USSR / Cuba
Languages: Russian / Spanish / English
UK: 141 mins
UK Release Date: 13 January 2006 (Limited Re-Release - London, ICA)
UK Release Date: 22 November 2002 (Limited Re-Release - London)
UK Distributor


I AM CUBA (SOY CUBA), an astonishing and underrated film has some of the most extraordinary camerawork in film history. Ostensibly this is Communist propaganda, celebrating the progress achieved by the Cuban Revolution and dramatizing four examples of injustice to the common man in pre-Revolutionary Cuba. The link that holds the film together is a spoken monologue beginning each sequence with the words 'Soy Cuba'. It's still pushing the boundaries of pure cinema, a stirring and unforgettable experience.

The new print of Soy Cuba is the English-subtitled, full Spanish language version, previously unreleased in the UK.

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