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Year: 2011
USA: Magnolia Pictures
UK: Artificial Eye
Cast: Willem Dafoe, Frances O’Connor, Sam Neill, Morgana Davies, Finn Woodlock, Jacek Koman, Callan Mulvey, John Brumpton, Dan Wyllie, Sullivan Stapleton, Jamie Timony, Dan Spielman, Maia Thomas, Marc Watson-Paul, Mark Hennessy
Director: Daniel Nettheim
Country: Australia
USA & UK: 101 mins
USA Rated: R for language and brief violence
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language
USA Release Date: 6 April 2012
UK Release Date: 6 July 2012 (Limited Release)


"Some mysteries should never be solved."

Martin David (Willem Dafoe), a skilled and ruthless mercenary, is sent into the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for a tiger believed to be extinct. Hired by an anonymous company that wants the tiger’s genetic material, Martin arrives in Tasmania posing as a scientist.

Establishing a base camp at a broken-down farmhouse, he stays with a family whose father has gone missing. Usually a loner, Martin becomes increasingly close to the family; however, as his attachment to the family grows, Martin is led down a path of unforeseen dangers, complicating his deadly mission.

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