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Year: 2001
USA: Universal Pictures
Cast: Method Man, Redman, Lark Voorhies, Trieu Tran, Justin Urich, Al Shearer, Essence Atkins, Obba Babatunde, Fred Willard, Anna Maria Horsford, Patrice Fisher, Sacha Kemp, Mike Epps, Chris Elwood, Hector Elizondo, Jeffrey Jones, Spalding Gray, Kathy Wagner, James Reese, Rob Nagle, J P Manoux
Director: Jesse Dylan
Country: USA
USA Rated: R for pervasive drug use and language, and for sexual dialogue
USA Release Date: 21 December 2001


Multi-platinum rap superstars Redman and Method Man star as Jamal and Stiles, two regular guys who smoke something special and magical, which allows them to ace their college entrance exams and wind up at Harvard. Ivy League ways are strange but Silas and Jamal take it in their stride - until their supply of supernatural smoke runs dry. That's when they have to start living on their wits and rely on their natural resources to make the grade.

Jesse Dylan, an award winning and music video director, makes his feature film debut with Jersey Films/Native Productions HOW HIGH, a comedy written by Dustin Lee Abraham.

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