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Year: 2003
UK: Verve Pictures
Cast: Jonathan Byrne, Alex Reid, Justine Mitchell, Conor Mullen, David Nolan, Eamonn Hunt, Briana Corrigan, Niall O'Brien, David Murray, Jeff O'Toole, Daithi O'Suilleabhain, Emma Moohan, Britta Smith, Sean Colgan, Gladys Sheehan, Aideen McDonald, Alan King, John Cantwell, Sean McDonagh, Kieran Hurley, Philip Young, Mark Mulholland, Tom Collins
Director: Karl Golden
Countries: Ireland / UK
UK: 89 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language
UK Release Date: 30 April 2004


David Ryan (Jonathan Byrne) is left standing at the alter on his wedding day when his bride to be Fiona (Justine Mitchell) changes her mind at the last moment. After an aborted attempt to face his friends, family and hysterical parents, he decides to escape on his honeymoon alone. He drives to the airport and drowns his sorrows at the bar. However, when he misses his flight as a result of his drinking binge, he faces yet another dilemma. He's too impatient to wait for the next flight in the morning and too drunk to drive anywhere.

Claire Hunt (Alex Reid) is waitress with a few problems of her own. She's just fallen out with her married boyfriend Peter (Conor Mullen) with whom she planned to spend an intimate weekend celebrating her birthday. To add to her woes she's just been fired from her job at the airport cafe for abusing a customer. She needs money and she wants to get out of Dublin. Meeting David in the airport car park, and taking his wedding ring as a deposit, she agrees to drive him to Donegal.

In the depths of rural Ireland and in the cottage that was to be his wedding present, David and Claire's worlds' collide. He wants peace, tranquillity and desperately needs to decide on his future. Claire wants to enjoy her unexpected holiday from the complications of home. In the ensuing hours, they are put to the test by an array of obstacles, eccentric locals and hilarious adventures. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, with both their exes on their trail, it's not the ideal situation for a budding romance.

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