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Year: 2000
UK: Pathe
Cast: Nicole Appleton, Peter Facinelli, Natalie Appleton, Melanie Blatt, James Cosmo, Jonathan Cake, Annette Badland, Corin Redgrave, Matt Bardock, Heather Carter-Drake, Sean Gilder, Paul Rider
Director: David A Stewart
Country: UK
UK: 110 mins
UK Certificate: 18 for infrequent strong sex and drug use, and occasional strong violence
UK Release Date: 26 May 2000


Set amidst the Carnaby Street "happenings" and the hippie atmosphere of the Swinging 60?s London, HONEST follows the escapades of three gun-toting, thieving sisters on a collision course with the world of peace, love and happiness.

The Chase sisters, Gerry (Nicole Appleton), Mandy (Natalie Appleton) and Jo (Melanie Blatt) are a tight knit Team: East End girls with an attitude and aura of energy and liberation Unbeknownst to anyone, they?ve begun to burgle and thieve, masquerading behind iconic masks to conceal their feminine beauty. These disguised bandits not only challenge the law, but they threaten the "old boy" code of the underworld gangs in East London. A world inhabited by their father, Tommy (James Cosmo), whose spirit was crippled by a past tragedy.

Looking for new action , the girls case a jewellery on Carnaby. While exploring the joint, Gerry encounters "Zero", London?s radically chic alternative paper. She pretends to be looking for a job, but her presence attracts lewd looks from every guy at the paper, including Andrew ( Jonathan Cake), Zero?s aristocrat publisher and occasional drug dealer, Daniel (Peter Facinelli), an American student swapping his studies at Oxford for a career journalist, also notices Gerry.

But the sisters? careful plan go awry when their escape route is blocked and Gerry is caught by a shocked Daniel who happened to be working late that night. He panics but decides not only to smuggle her out, but to put her up for the night. He later lets her go free, despite her having stolen his heart.

While Gerry and Daniel are discovering each other, her sisters Mandy and Jo pull off a robbery that draws the wrath of the East End?s most notorious gangster. Now Gerry and Daniel must rescue the sisters, do one last job and flee the country.

It?s the eruption of the culture clash between London?s East and West End, naive and streetwise, rich and poor- sending them all on a dangerous adventure towards freedom.

Where will it end no one can tell - HONEST.

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