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Year: 2002
UK: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast: Mike Weinberg, French Stewart, Jason Beghe, Joanna Going, Clare Carey, Erick Avari, Barbara Babcock, Missi Pyle, Gideon Jacobs, Sean Michael
Director: Rod Daniel
Country: USA
UK: 84 mins
UK Certificate: U contains mild comic violence
UK DVD Release Date: 20 October 2003 (and VHS Release)


Lock the doors, bolt the windows and keep your eyes peeled for strange goings-on... HOME ALONE 4 complete with more stunts, gadgets, special effects and laughs is released on DVD and video twelve years since the first HOME ALONE adventure with Kevin McCallister, the fiasco-finding crime stopper. The role that originally made Macaulay Culkin a star is taken over by US LONE RANGER star Mike Weinberg.

Upset by his parents pending divorce and fed up with being bullied by his older siblings, Kevin decides to run away and spend Christmas with his dad and new wealthy fiancee Natalie in her fully interactive, voice activated mansion. Faced with a house full of all the toys and gadgets he could ever want plus maids and a butler at his beck and call, Kevin thinks he could definitely get used to his new home.

However, trouble isn't far away and on Christmas Eve Mr McCallister and Natalie go to the airport to pick up some royal guests, leaving Kevin HOME ALONE! Lurking outside are relentless money hungry criminals Marv and Vera plotting an elaborate scheme to kidnap the royal prince. As the pesky pair try to stake out the house they get more than they bargain for as Kevin goes all out in his defence plan to knock out the intruders with doors that open and close at will, a chandelier that rises and lowers itself on command and a swinging bookcase!

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