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Year: 2005
USA: Romar Entertainment
Cast: Vanilla Ice, Scott Levy, Geremy Dingle, Samantha Brooke, Dana Woods, Dane Moreton, Brigett Fink, Eugene Kim, Anthony Aniano, Delia Copold, Jennifer Sky, Moe Irvin, Christine Carlo, Cylk Cozart, Joel South, Tracy Workman, Joe Sperandeo, Edward Klau, Ray Siegle, Stephanie Swinney, Amy Damkroger, Neal 'Xingu' Rodil, Tony Tarasco, Wendy E Snyder, Jody Jaress, Steve Nave
Director: A Raven Cruz
Country: USA
USA: 97 mins
USA Rated: R for sexuality/nudity, language, drug references and humor
USA Release Date: 18 March 2005 (Limited Release)


The Helix is a drug so powerful it causes you to wake up and see through the veils of reality. You got it, Enlightenment in a pill.

Where do you go to get it? Orpheum. He's the only one who knows its secrets. And if you're lucky, he'll take you to Ask The Orafice if you've got what it takes to become "The Other One."

Only one person a millennia can successfully take The Helix without going mad. As prophesied by The Orafice, Orpheum and The One was found... but he died in an tragic boating accident the summer of '99.

We waited patiently for the next millennium to begin our quest to find The Other One...

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