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Year: 2004
UK: Tartan Films
Cast: Asia Argento, Jimmy Bennett, Peter Fonda, Ben Foster, Ornella Muti, Kip Pardue, Michael Pitt, Jeremy Renner, Dylan Spouse, Cole Spouse, John Robinson, Marilyn Manson, Jeremy Sisto, Matt Schulze, Hasil Adkins, David Alley, Brent Almond, David Dwyer, Russell Comegys, Kara Kemp, Lydia Lunch, Chelsea Samples, Joy Ingram, Lindy Maguire, Lisa Stooksbury
Director: Asia Argento
Countries: USA / UK / France / Japan
UK: 97 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains child abuse theme, drug use and one use of very strong language
UK Release Date: 15 July 2005


Adapted from the best-selling cult author J T Leroy's remarkable autobiographical novel, is the story of a childhood turned inside out, seen through the eyes of a boy, Jeremiah, and his mother Sarah, an impulsive, insatiable, utterly lost young woman who works as a truck-stop prostitute in the southern states of America.

We follow Jeremiah as he is bounced between his foster parents, his fundamentalist Christian Grandparents and a vagabond existence on the road with Sarah, passing through endless truck-stops, shotgun shacks, fleapit motels and strip joints populated by low-lives, predators, junkies and criminals.

Endlessly subjected to new and dangerous environments, a succession of deadbeat surrogate fathers and his mother's descent into drug-fuelled madness, Jeremiah is forced into a desperate struggle to survive and grow. His strength and endurance in the face of adversity and loss become the focus of the story.

And we see that after all he experiences, Jeremiah still manages to retain the purity and naivety of the enchanted way in which he views and transforms his world.

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