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Year: 2009
USA: Paladin
Cast: Jamey Sheridan, Steve Buscemi, Mariann Mayberry, Aidan Quinn, John Savage, Campbell Scott, Titus Welliver, Karen Young, Jayne Atkinson, Bill Sage, Emily Donahoe, Asher Grodman, Andrew Dolan, Rutanya Alda, Kevin Reed, Blake Lowell, Tom Degnan, Danny Lane, Elizabeth Hess, Reathel Bean
Director: Bette Gordon
Country: USA
USA: 94 mins
USA Release Date: 16 April 2010 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


"Handsome" Harry Sweeney (Jamey Sheridan), is a good looking, 52 year-old Vietnam veteran that everyone likes but he never lets anyone get too close.óbut for some reason he never lets anyone get too close.

A former Navy buddy, Tom Kelly (Steve Buscemi), who he hasn't been in contact with for over 30 years phones from his deathbed with an unusual request for Harry to track down a comrade they betrayed long ago, David Kagan (Campbell Scott), and ask his forgiveness. Motivated by thoughts of Hell, Kelly is terrified this will be his final destination while Harry is adamant this should be left well alone.

However, beset by guilt and distant memories Harry changes his mind, and calls individually on his old comrades - the rugged Rheems, (John Savage) the intellectual Porter, (Aidan Quinn) and the soft-spoken Gephardt, (Titus Welliver). Despite the years that have gone by, all are haunted by their past, but can Harry confront that truth and ever attain forgiveness?

A psychological mystery about lost love, forgiveness, and the stifling effect the "code of silence" HANDSOME HARRY is directed by Bette Gordon and stars Jamey Sheridan and Steve Buscemi.

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