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Year: 2008
USA: Focus Features
UK: Momentum Pictures
UK DVD: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, David Arquette, Elisabeth Shue, Amy Poehler, Joseph Julian Soria, Skylar Astin, Phoebe Strole, Melonie Diaz, Arnie Pantoja, Michael Esparza, Natalie Amenula, Marshall Bell, Shea Pepe, Marco Rodriguez, Deborah Chavez, Kevin Wiggins, Johnnie Hector, Nat Faxon, Josh Berry, Margarita Wilder, Evan Adrian, J D Garfield
Director: Andrew Fleming
Country: USA
USA & UK: 92 mins
UK DVD: 88 mins
USA Rated: R for language including sexual references, brief nudity and some drug content
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, sex references and drug use
USA Release Date: 22 August 2008
UK Release Date: 28 November 2008
UK DVD Release Date: 7 September 2009

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The comedy smash of Sundance 2008, Steve Coogan (NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, TROPIC THUNDER) has teamed up with the producers of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and the writers of SOUTH PARK and TEAM AMERICA to bring us HAMLET 2.

This hilarious and irreverent new comedy is about a failed actor-turned-worse-high-
school-drama teacher Dana Marschz (Steve Coogan). Not only does his wife, Brie (Catherine Keener) hate him, but his students mock him and the 13-year-old critic for the school paper trashes every production he does but when the school threatens to cancel drama, he rises above it to stage the unimaginable.

Wholly original, mostly musical and widely offensive, a modern day sequel to HAMLET that is so terrible it might just work.

Treading the boards alongside Steve Coogan in this hilarious and irreverent comedy is Catherine Keener (40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH), David Arquette (THE TRIPPER), Elisabeth Shue (LEAVING LAS VEGAS, CITY OF ANGELS) and Joseph Julian Soria (CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE, FAST & FURIOUS).

Steve Coogan plays high school drama teacher Dana Marschz, a failed actor whose career peaked with an advert for herpes medication. His wife Brie (Keener) hates him, his students mock him, and the 13 year-old critic for the school newspaper trashes every production he does. Life seemingly couldn't get any worse.

When the school district cuts funding for the drama program it is make or break for Marschz. He has just one shot to save his drama class, inspire his students, salvage his career, rekindle his love-life and just quite possible, change the world.

Here begins his journey to write and stage a wholly original, mostly musical, wildly offensive - travelling sequel to Hamlet that's so terrible it might just work. With only two allies in the drama class that would have sent Dangerous Minds' Michelle Pfeiffer running back to the army, Marschz's raw enthusiasm and primal talents, no matter how limited, must work in his favour to silence not only the pubescent critic, but the school board.

Littered with outrageously funny songs like Rock Me Sexy Jesus this is most definitely not the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for all the family. Coogan is at his best in this ridiculous comedy which shows that a little inspiration can turn around the fortunes of any wannabe wordsmith with a dream.


Special Features include:
Deleted Scenes
Making Number 2 - Featurette
Oscar Winner Vs High School Drama Class
Sing Along with Hamlet 2
Audio Commentary with Andrew Fleming and Pam Brady

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