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UK DVD: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Cast: Anthony Barrile, Michael Patrick Boatman, Don Cheadle, Michael Dolan, Don James, Dylan McDermott
Director: John Irvin
UK Certificate: 18
UK DVD Release Date: 2 June 2008

It was Vietnam, 1969, Hill 937, 10 days, 70 percent casualties. Those are the facts. This is the story: dodge the gunfire, get caught behind enemy lines, go into battle beside the brave young men who fought and died, and feel their desperation and futility.

HAMBURGER HILL follows the heroic story of a squad in the 101st Airborne Division in their fight to take Dong Ap Bia, a 'mini' mountain in the A Shau Valley in Vietnam. The struggle began on May 10, 1969. Dong Ap Bia was marked on the maps as hill 937 (meters high). Ten days and eleven bloody assaults later, which resulted in 70 per cent casualties, it was given the nickname 'Hamburger Hill' because it chewed up soldiers like chopped meat.
Soldiers are already fighting in the A Shau Valley, but it's too hot of a fight and they withdraw to base camp. The soldiers dig trenches and prepare for battle. They mostly dream of girls, visit whorehouses, and think of home.
We follow the journey of young soldiers Washburn (Don Cheadle), Languille (Anthony Barrile), Murphy (Michael Dolan), Motown (Michael Boatman), Sgt. Franz (Dylan McDermott) and the rest of their squad as they fight for their country, their fellow soldiers and their lives in one of the bloodiest battles in American history.
The raw and gritty 'Hamburger Hill: 20th Anniversary Edition' featuring some never-before-seen footage is out to own from 2 June 2008, making it the perfect gift for Father's Day.


Dolby Digital 5.1
Widescreen/Colour 16:9
110 mins
Hamburger Hill: The Appearance of Reality featurette
Medics in Vietnam featurette
Vietnam war timeline
Audio Commentary with writer/producer Jim Carabatsos and actors Anthony Barrile, Harry O'Reilly and Daniel O'Shea

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