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Year: 2001
UK: Gala Film Distributors
Cast: Artus De Penguern, Pascale Arbillot, Didier Benureau, Marie-Armelle Deguy, Antoine Dulery, Serge Riaboukine, elisabeth Vitali, Clovis Cornillac, Philippe Magnan, François Berland Christian Charmetant, Michel Bompoil, Anna Gaylor Valerie Benguigui, Philippe Herisson, François Levantal, Remy Roubakha, Pierre Aussedat, Patrick Lambert, Bruno Slagmulder, Thomas Chabrol, Claude Guyonnet, Jean-François Gallotte
Director: Artus De Penguern
Country: France
Language: French (English subtitles)
UK: 90 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and comic violence
UK Release Date: 7 June 2002


Born on Friday 13 th at the Franz Kafka Clinic, orphaned just a few hours later following a stupid argument between his parents, beaten up at the age of ten by a girl that he was desperately in love with, brought up by his disciplinarian grandmother and alcoholic grandfather, Gregoire Moulin didn't really have a very good start to his life.

At 35 he's still living with his grandmother, has been celibate for longer than he cares to think about, and has a menial job in an insurance company. But as everyone knows life is full of surprises (especially bad ones) and one Sunday a freak accident leads to his future being changed forever when his grandmother is crushed to death under a heavy piece of furniture.

Destiny lures him to Paris where he discovers the love of his life in the form of the beautiful dance teacher, Odile. As chance would have it he is able to watch her all day as his new office, yet another boring insurance company, is situated directly opposite her dance studio. Using subterfuge he hatches a plot to meet Odile in the nearby 'Penalty Cafe', so called because the clientele is obsessed with watching football day and night. Unfortunately, Gregoire's bad luck hasn't deserted him and what seemed a simple tryst with Odile turns into a series of disastrous misadventures, as the whole of Paris seems to come to a halt whilst the French Cup Final is taking place.

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