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Year: 1986
UK: NFT / Artificial Eye
Cast: Marie Riviere, Amira Chemakhi, Sylvie Richez, Lisa Heredia, Basile Gervaise, Virginie Gervaise, Rene Hernandez, Dominique Riviere, Claude Jullien, Alaric Jullien, Laetitia Riviere, Isabelle Riviere, Beatrice Romand, Rosette, Marcello Pezzutto, Irene Skobline, Eric Hamm, Gerard Quere, Julie Quere, Brigitte Poulain, Gerard Leleu, Liliane Leleu, Vanessa Leleu, Huger Foote, Michel Labourre, Paulo, Maria Couto-Palos, Isa Bonnet, Yve Doyhamboure, Dr. Friedrich Gunter Christlein, Paulette Christlein, Carita, Marc Vivas, Joël Comarlot, Vincent Gauthier
Director: Eric Rohmer
Country: France
Language: French
UK: 99 mins
UK Certificate: PG
UK Release Date: 19 April 2002 (Limited Re-release - London)


It's summer and secretary Delphine (Marie Riviere) doesn't have a boyfriend to go on holiday with. She can't stand the thought of having to stay in Paris during August - who could? - so she tries taking trips with friends or on her own. Trouble is she's picky and too moody for most of the guys who eye her up. But she's lonely too...

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