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Year: 2005
USA: Miramax Films
Cast: Benjamin Bratt, James Franco, Connie Nielsen, Marton Csokas, Joseph Fiennes, Robert Mammone, Max Martini, James Carpinello, Mark Consuelos, Craig McLachlan, Freddie Joe Farnsworth, Laird Macintosh, Jeremy Callaghan, Scott McLean, Paolo Montalban, Clayne Crawford, Sam Worthington, Royston Innes, Diarmid Heidenreich, Luke Pegler, Dale Dye, Jerome Ehlers Brett Tucker, Peter Tkacz, Kristian Schmid, Samuel Robinson, Warwick Young, Steve Harman, Tim Campbell, Matt Doran, Logan Marshall-Green, Nicholas Bell, Kenny Doughty, Iain Gardiner, Christopher Baker, Christopher Morris, Will Gluth, Lucas Stibbard, Noel O'Neill, Elwyn Edwards, Natalie Mendoza, Eugenia Yuan, Alvin Clifford Lorenz Anson, Jose Rommel De Montano Manhilot, Ramon Jose Leyran, Marcelino Cavestany, Simon Maiden, Neil Fitzpatrick, Laura Whitnall, Romina Villanueva, Res S Cortez, Rafael 'Bembol' A Roco Jr, Nikko Mackintosh, Motoki Kobayashi, Gotaro Tsunashima, Masa Yamaguchi, Yutaka Izumihara, Paul Nakauchi, Ken Senga, Kuni Hashimoto, Kentaro Hara, Koichi Kimura, Takayuki 'Taka' Nagano, David Chamberlain, Naoto Uchida, Shingo Usami, Kazuhiro Muroyama, Akira Yoshikawa, Cesar Montano, Ebong Joson, Leo Kooistra, Chito Sayo Kenneth Moraleda, Jourdan Lee Khoo, Leon Ford, Matthew Newton, Ken Kikkawa, Nor Domingo, Christine O'Neill, Lena Cruz, Den Patricio, Alfred Nicdao, Noel Trinidad Jr, Valerie Berry, Ryan Eigennman, Jackson Raine, Tony Teulan
Director: John Dahl
Countries: USA / Australia
USA Rated: R for strong war violence and brief language
USA Release Date: 12 August 2005


From director John Dahl comes the stirring true story of one of the most spectacular rescue missions ever to take place in American history: "the great raid on Cabanatuan," the daring exploit that would liberate more than 500 U.S. Prisoners of War in the face of overwhelming odds. A gripping depiction of human resilience, the film vividly brings to life the personal courage and audacious heroism that allowed a small but stoic band of World War II soldiers to attempt the impossible in the hopes of freeing their captured brothers.

Once a tale shared across the United States, the long-lost story of THE GREAT RAID has been recreated with meticulous authenticity to pay testimony to the many different people, from U.S. commanders to Filipino soldiers to women aid workers to the POWs themselves, who played a part in turning this time of intense hardship and unrelenting danger into a moment of inspiration.

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