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Year: 2012
UK: Soda Pictures
Cast: Michael Sheen, Hywel Simons, Di Botcher, Hywel Simons
Director: Dave McKean
Country: UK
UK: 119 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate violence and bloody crucifixion detail
UK Release Date: 13 April 2012 (Limited Release)


THE GOSPEL OF US is a contemporary re-enactment of the Passion story with the co-operation of the inhabitants of Port Talbot as its cast, crew and heroes.

As Easter arrives, Port Talbot and its citizens are in a battle for its life, overrun by authoritarian forces and under the control of ICU, a sinister and merciless corporation depleting the town of its resources. The atmosphere is explosive. Resistance is inevitable.

When a company man and suicide bomber come to blows on the beach, a softly spoken man who had disappeared 40 days earlier mediates and diffuses the explosive situation.

Known as the Teacher (Michael Sheen), he attracts followers and becomes a focus for the Resistance. But he also catches the attention of ICU, who perceive him as a dangerous influence that needs to be eradicated.

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