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Year: 2006
USA: Miramax Films
UK: Optimum Releasing
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vincenzo Amato, Aurora Quattrocchi, Francesco Casisa, Filippo Pucillo, Vincent Schiavelli, Federica De Cola, Isabella Ragonese, Massimo Laguardia, Filippo Luna, Andrea Prodan, Ernesto Mahieux
Director: Emanuele Crialese
Countries: Italy / Germany / France
Language: Italian (English subtitles)
USA & UK: 120 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for brief graphic nudity
UK Certificate: PG contains mild language and natural nudity
USA Release Date: 23 May 2007 (Limited Release - New York and Los Angeles)
UK Release Date: 29 June 2007 (Limited Release)
UK DVD Release Date: 29 October 2007

UK Distributor


Sicily. 1913. From a desolate corner of Sicily, the Mancuso family, alongside hundreds of their countrymen, embark on an epic journey towards a land dreamed of but never seen - an earthly paradise where fruits grow perfect and huge, and money falls from the trees. Salvatore (Vincenzo Amato), a poor Sicilian farmer, makes the momentous decision to sell all he has - his land, his home, his livestock - and to take his children and aged mother to a better life across the ocean.

To become citizens of the New World, they must leave behind the antiquated customs and superstitions of their homeland and learn to obey and swear loyalty if they wish to pass through the Golden Door. They must transform themselves from old-fashioned humans into modern ones. The time during which this metamorphosis is to be accomplished is the time of suspension on the waters of the ocean, four difficult weeks of crossing, to arrive at the final judgment: the Island of Tears, Ellis Island. Here, the guardians of the New World will scrutinize the bodies and minds of these prospective citizens, in this wonderful, terrible place where many families will be forced to chose, to split up forever. Not all are destined to enter the gates of Heaven.

GOLDEN DOOR, a modern fable from director, Emanuele Crialese (RESPIRO), tells the story of an odyssey: of a past abandoned and a people transformed. Of history made and humanity reborn. It captures the spirit of the immigrant experience as one family sheds the comfort of the Old World for the opportunities of the New World - a risk that carries no guarantee of success. Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg (THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP, 21 GRAMS) and Vincenzo Amato (RESPIRO).


Making Of
Feature Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Stereo 5.1
Italian language with English subtitles

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