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Year: 1999
USA: Avalanche Home Entertainment
Cast: Stacy Valentine
Director: Christine Fugate
Country: USA
USA: 82 mins
USA Rated: R for a scene of sexuality
USA Release Date: 14 April 2000 (Limited Release - New York)


THE GIRL NEXT DOOR is an intimate and humanizing look into the rise to fame of adult film superstar Stacy Valentine. The wheels were set in motion when Stacy's then-husband, to satisfy his own sexual fantasy, urged his Oklahoma housewife, Stacy Baker, to submit her photograph to Gallery Magazine's amateur pictorial competition, voyeuristically named, "The Girl Next Door."

Easily winning this contest, Stacy was soon gracing the cover of Hustler magazine and accepting offers to perform in X-rated films. Within months, Stacy Baker had the money and confidence she needed to escape her abusive marriage and head for Hollywood. In mid-February 1995, she arrived in Los Angeles as Stacy Valentine.

Since then, Stacy has appeared in more than 50 adult films, and was recognized as "Best American Starlet" at last year's Hot D'Or Awards ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival. VCA, a powerhouse adult film studio, immediately signed Stacy to an exclusive deal.

Acclaimed PBS filmmaker Christine Fugate?s interest in exploring pornography through the eyes of a woman led her to the newly named Stacy Valentine. Over time, the two developed a trusting bond. Live internet sex-shows, faked orgasms, and DP's ("double penetrations") prove to be all in a day?s work for Stacy. Yet "The Girl Next Door" reveals the contradictions between her personal life and her work. In her quest for beauty she rarely eats; she has had her breasts augmented, her thighs and flanks liposuctioned, and her lips injected with her own fat taken from her hips.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR is the conflicting story between Stacy Baker and the world of pornography, and Stacy Valentine and her desire for true love. Stacy allows us to experience the exotic world of pornography through the eyes of a former housewife from Oklahoma.

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