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Year: 2001
UK: Helkon SK
Cast: Hugh Laurie, Vanessa Nunes, Santiago Segura, Lia Williams, Patrick Barlow, Nelson Xavier, Hugh Lloyd, John Junkin, Daniel Ainsleigh, Kacey Ainsworth, Johnny Barrs, Glynis Brooks, Patrick Burke, Arthur Cox, Seb Craig, Mario Edelman, Paul Jerricho, Daniel Kruyer, Julio Levi, Howard Lew Lewis, Paul Mari, Ann Morrish, Ron Webster, Daniel Wiederman
Director: Christopher Monger
Countries: Spain / UK
UK: 104 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and moderate sex
UK Release Date: 11 April 2003


On a dull and drizzly Christmas Eve, Raymond (Hugh Laurie, STUART LITTLE, MAYBE BABY) discovers that his coldly ambitious wife Cathy (Lia Williams) is eloping with his officious boss Mr Strothers (Patrick Barlow).

Left to lock up over the holiday period, Raymond decides to get his own back by robbing the bank and catching the first plane to the sunny drenched beaches of Rio de Janeiro with his new-found wealth. He's on the trail of 'that girl', the fabulous dancer who graces the cover of the 'Samba Monthly'.

Arriving in Rio, Raymond links up with the eccentric taxi driver Paulo (Santiago Segura), who is only too happy to help him spend his fortune. Together they will hunt down the exotic Orlinda (Brazilian cover girl and model Vanessa Nunes). After a night of passion, Raymond awakes to find both Orlinda and his money have vanished.

His trouble has only just begun. The streets of Rio are fraught with danger and Raymond is quickly drawn into the city's underworld. The local gangsters are also on the trail of the big-spending Englishman.

A fresh romantic comedy, GIRL FROM RIO is directed from his own screenplay by Christopher Monger (THE ENGLISHMAN WHO WENT UP THE HILL..., WAITING FOR THE LIGHT). It is produced by Andres Vincente Gomez (BELLE EPOQUE) for Lola Films and Muir Sutherland (SHARPE) for Casanova Pictures.

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