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Year: 2005
USA: Possible Films
Cast: Bill Sage, Sabrina Lloyd, Tatiana Abracos, Leo Fitzpatrick, D J Mendel, James Urbaniak, Juliana Francis, David Neumann, Ryan Bronz, Michael Cassidy, Normandy Sherwood, James Stanley, Paul Urbanski, Edie Falco, Matt Kalman, Tanya Perez, Jenny Seastone Ster, Gary Wilmes, Cordelia Reynolds, Linda Horwatt, Elizabeth Faulkner, James Findlay, Adrienne Campbell-Holt, Adam D. Grant, Christel Halliburton, Jarah, Darius Safavi, Tana Sarntinoranont, Audrey Lynn Weston
Director: Hal Hartley
Country: USA
USA Release Date: 15 April 2005 (Limited Release)

US Distributor


Resembling the hectic stylization last seen in The Book of Life (1998), Hartley's newest digital feature invites us to consider a world where citizens are actually proud to be stock options whose market value goes up or down depending on their sexual activity. A world where having sex just because it feels good is against the law. A world where one's credit rating determines everything.

A funny and thought-provoking farce told in the rhythms of a sci-fi thriller, The Girl From Monday stars Sabrina Lloyd from the new hit CBS show "Numb3rs," Bill Sage, Leo Fitzpatrick, and Tatiana Abracos.

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