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Year: 2004
USA: The Cinema Guild
Cast: Emmanuelle Devos, Clovis Cornillac, Laura Smet, Alice Verlinden, Chloe Verlinden, Colette Emmanuelle, Gil Lagay, Frederic Fonteyne, Patrick Quinet
Director: Frederic Fonteyne
Countries: Belgium / France / Luxembourg / Italy / Switzerland
Language: French (English subtitles)
USA: 103 mins
USA Release Date: 16 November 2005 (Limited Release - New York)
US Distributor


Set in the 1930's, GILLES' WIFE is a haunting tale of love and betrayal in a small mining town on the outskirts of France. It tells the story of Elisa (Emmanuelle Devos), a devoted wife who begins to suspect her husband Gilles (Clovis Cornillac) is having an affair with her younger sister. Determined to save her marriage, Elisa undertakes a strange and disquieting battle to recover what she has lost, and to become once again, Gilles' wife.

A startling new film from director Frederic Fonteyne (UNE LIAISON PORNOGRAPHIQUE aka A PORNAGRAPHIC AFFAIR aka AN AFFAIR OF LOVE), it features an extraordinary performance from Emmanuelle Devos (KINGS AND QUEEN).

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